Go for the…Insurance!

This month is a sports fan’s dream. The Super Bowl takes place on February 2nd and the winter Olympics in Sochi start on February 7th and continues for several weeks throughout the month. While some viewers might tune into the football game solely for the commercials, the Olympics covers enough variety to interest anyone.

There are so many incredible things about watching the Olympics:

The athletes!

The dedication and hard work!

The talent!

The Olympics are meant to inspire people around the world, and they do. Sometimes they inspire people to check out a new sport. Sometimes they inspire people to join a team. And sometimes they inspire people to hold their own household Olympics. When this happens, a driveway can become an ice luge or a skating rink. A backyard hill becomes a ski slope.  A couch can become a vault. These homemade ‘Olympics’ obviously don’t come with the type of experience that we’re watching on television.



So, accidents happen.  You can never be too careful, especially with how expensive medical care can be. Make sure you, your family and, if applicable, your employees have the proper healthcare coverage. Health coverage could prevent financial issues as well as providing the comfort of receiving relatively stress-free medical care for that professional snow boarder in training.

Another beautiful thing about the Olympics, besides the location, are the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to the most accomplished athletes competing in the games. A photo always surfaces of the prize winner biting their medal, to show that it is real. While most of us won’t ever have to worry about how to insure Olympic medals, we do have our own precious belongings to protect.

Do you happen to have any jewelry or other accessories that you only wear for the most special occasions? Or pieces that you wear every day, like wedding rings? There are options like Personal Property Insurance that picks up on coverage where Homeowners Insurance might end. If your property is damaged or stolen, Personal Property may actually pay actual cash value or replacement costs for your valuable property.

If this kind of coverage is something that you are interested in, it’s important to speak to an agent to create a policy that protects the ‘gold medals’ in your life. While you haven’t put in the years of training for that one moment of Olympics glory, you have put in many years of hard work to obtain your property.


Make sure you are protecting the most important things in your life, whether they are your home, health and what you consider your gold, silver and bronze.

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