5 Security Essentials to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

The holidays are almost here, and for many people, that means holiday travel. Before you pack up and head out, consider the following holiday safety tips and home security essentials so you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing your home is protected even while you’re away:

  • Recruit a neighbor. If you have a trustworthy neighbor – one who won’t share your vacation plans with others – consider asking them to keep an eye on your home and report any unusual activity to the police. They may even agree to park a car in your driveway to make your home look more “lived in.”
  • AbneyDon’t post your plans online. It may be tempting to share your excitement with friends and family, but thieves also regularly cruise the Internet to read about vacation plans so they know when a home is empty. Just because you’re cautious about what friends you add to your network, that doesn’t mean your friends are as cautious. Be smart, and tell only those who need to know – and whom you can trust. Likewise with work – don’t gossip about your plans around the water cooler for everyone to hear.
  • Put your lights on timers. This is one of the most popular and effective of all holiday safety tips. Using inexpensive timers allows you to turn lights on and off no matter where you are. Units that let you control them over the Internet right from your smartphone or tablet are inexpensive and tech-savvy security essentials every homeowner should consider adding to their “must buy” list.
  • Have your mail held and newspaper subscription suspended. Nothing says “nobody’s home” like an overstuffed mailbox or pile of newspapers piled on your porch. You could ask a neighbor to collect your mail, but a more secure option is to ask the post office to hold it until you return. You can ask neighbors to keep an eye out for door hangers or advertising flyers and to remove them from your door or porch.
  • Update your locks. Today’s locks and security systems are must-have security essentials for every homeowner. Electronic locks feature advanced locking technology and even allow you to remotely monitor when someone opens your door. Security systems offer even more advanced features, and wireless models mean you don’t have to require your entire home to take advantage of their benefits. Plus, they also have the advantage of remote monitoring right from your smartphone, tablet or computer – and they may even lower your insurance rates.

Just a few simple tips can help ensure you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and sound, even while you’re away. Happy holidays from all of us here at Abney Insurance Agency!

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